Lightroom Examples

Browse through the examples below to get a feel for the benefits of using Lightroom. Hover over each images to see what the original looked like.

Lightroom black and white image preset example

Use one of Lightroom's preset image adjustments to turn a poorly colored image into a much more interesting black and white.

Lightroom color adjustment example

Create subtle, quick color adjustments to enhance detail and texture.

sky colors during forest fire

Use Lightroom's brush tool to apply different exposure and color settings to different portions of the image. The unusual sky color in this image was caused by the haze of a nearby forest fire.

batch adjustment, example of Lightroom use

Did you take an entire photo shoot on a cloudy, gloomy day? Lightroom allows you to make an adjustment to an entire batch (group) of images, saving you a lot of time. Each image can then have additional adjustments made, separate from the batch.

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Photoshop is meant to be a pixel mover, ideal for adding a person, removing an obstruction, or putting in a different background. Photoshop additionally has a number of graphic design applications, including book making and digital scrapbooking.

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The preferred software of professionnal photographers, Lightroom is the darkroom for digital photography. Lightroom includes an impressive system for organizing your photos, and simplifies making color and development adjustments to your photos.

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