Photoshop Examples

Browse through the examples below to see the capabilities of Photoshop. Hover over images to see the original (if applicable).

cardboard rocket ships in outerspace

Have fun putting in unique, imaginative backgrounds! This technique taught in my Photoshop Basics class. You can also read a blog post about how to create a background here.

use filters to create art

Use artistic filters to transform your images into art.

remove a person or object in photoshop

Use Photoshop to remove unwanted objects or people

(covered in my Basic course)

add sky to a washed out image

Did you accidentally over expose your sky? Use Photoshop's gradient tool to add a new one back in (covered in Photoshop II).

Use Photoshop to create unique photo albums, or other graphic design projects. The Colosseum graphic and the "Roma Pass" embellishment were also created in Photoshop. This is covered in my Photoshop II class.

Course Information

Photoshop is meant to be a pixel mover, ideal for adding a person, removing an obstruction, or putting in a different background. Photoshop additionally has a number of graphic design applications, including book making and digital scrapbooking.

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The preferred software of professionnal photographers, Lightroom is the darkroom for digital photography. Lightroom includes an impressive system for organizing your photos, and simplifies making color and development adjustments to your photos.

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