Kevin Christensen Photography

Kevin Christensen has been using me for a couple of years to help him with computer instruction, such as Lightroom, and he has now started marketing and selling his work locally and nationwide. As a result, he was in need of a responsive, easy to use website. I created some branding materials for Kevin, including a logo and business card, and then additionally customized a Squarespace site for him.

business card design

The Squarespace customization included a one on one session where I showed him how to use the site himself, including uploading new photos to his gallery. I recorded the session using screen capture software, so he could review the video later if needed.

Squarespace Customization

Below are the images from the website I created for Kevin. Note that this site is fully responsive, and looks different depending on the type of device that it is viewed on. In addition to setting up the structure of the website, I protected the images from getting stolen from the site using careful sizing, which allowed them to be displayed without a distracting watermark.

Squarespace customization website image slider Squarespace shop store close up

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